Vision & Value
願景與價值 願景與價值
Our Vision

To become the Creator of Technology Implementation.


Our Mission

Carry out all of the potential and possiblities of sheetmetal production.

Our Value
We stand for consistency and transparency. It is our practice to build foundation of trust with our partners, clients and coworkers.
No matter how small or big it is, we always encourage each other to innovate as long as it is a good achievement we are happy about.
Quality is more than making a good product. We put great attention to both product performance and customer service in our day-to-day operation.
Our Logo

Paying tribute to the original logo, we transform the original earth to particles that surround AAP, featuring our expertise in clean air.
The dots are lined up from dark to light, symbolizing how we have come so far as well as how air is filtered. The round outline represents AAP working as a team and ready to accept challenges from any part of the world.

Company environmental photos